My Why

After meeting Jan Bockenstedt, my life seemed so complete and happy; he was and still is my everything! I had finally met the love of my life and my soulmate. Jan had a driven passion for horses all of his life. He enjoyed going to horse sales where he was known for his keen eye when it came to finding a beauty; however, he would also pay close attention to the ones in the kill pen just because ‘he knew’ there could be a horse there with potential. He got a kick out of gawking at the other horses everyone else had in their fields, while driving through the countryside.

Jan was a gentle soul, as he was known to kneel at the side of a mare giving birth to her foal, even if it meant a sleepless night in the barn at 20 degrees below zero. You could just look at him and see the joy in his eyes that these animals bring by observing his contagious smile, and ohh those dimples and how they would show! He had a passion for life that was not just in the living of day-to-day to make ends meet. It was this passion and his love of horses that brought him to purchase the stallion “GO TO THE GRAVEL”. He loved horses just as much as he loved his family!

You see, Jan had driven twelve hours to the 2016 Heritage Place Winter Mixed Sale and after much deliberation between many individuals to include himself; he called me at work with so much excitement in his voice. (I still remember the phone call very clearly) He exclaimed, “Honey, I have found what will make us extra money for our retirement!” He then proceeded to ask my opinion, and I knew I couldn't refuse, so I said, “Why not honey, what have we got to lose, except some cash? We can’t take it with us, so I say go for it!!” I was 100% behind him, because those that also know Jan, know how much he studied the pedigrees of a horse before a purchase and I knew deep down that he chose something very special.

On March 17, 2018, my life changed in a very drastic way. I lost my best friend, my soul mate, my husband to an unexpected tragic accident. Through many tears and a lot of thought and consideration, I decided that I would keep this stallion because Jan through his zest and love of the breed, had instilled a passion within me that is now burning to carry his legacy out. Many wanted me to sell him and I knew there would be individuals who would question my decision, but it is something that I have come to desire to do more than anything. Together, through a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (so to say), Jan and I had built our home (Jan’s dream ranch) and we were confident in the direction we were headed.

We had made the decision together to purchase the stud for our retirement and even though he is not physically here to carry this out, I am and I know with my entire being that he is right here beside me. I had sat with him through the phone calls to potential breeders and meetings with Charles Abraham, DVM of Abraham’s Equine Clinic where the stallion stands. I had been the one who designed the website, put up the Facebook page, and helped to promote the stud that included many trips to Cedar Rapids for photos and videos. I have kept a log of everything written down in a special notebook that we used especially for him.

The stud has potential and I know I can do this with the help of my partner, Charles Abraham, DVM. Partnering with Charles just ‘happened’ like it was supposed to. Jan not only thought of Charles as a vet, but as a friend, mentor, and colleague in the horse business. He had great trust and respect for him, and with that being said, I am honored and humbled to have Charles on this journey with me.

This is something that Jan and I did together and I now feel I am even more determined. So here I am, carrying on the legacy that Jan began.

Head over boots in love with you, forever & always, your loving wife….Corrine